20 Mar 2007Emi Yamanaka will present Talkpoint.ORG and teaching pragmatic aspects of the language at the Mid-Atlantic Japanese Pedagogy Workshop at University of Virginia as a guest speaker in May.
20 Mar 2007Emi Yamanaka will present Talkpoint.ORG at the International Conferfence on Pragmatics and Language Learning at University of Hawai'i at Manoa in March.
30 Mar 2006Emi Yamanaka will present Talkpoint.ORG at The International Conference on Japanese Language Education in New York this August.
30 Mar 2006Front page updated. Open Talkpoints are now available to all registered students.
30 Mar 2005Added resources for teachers to the about page.
5 Mar 2005A "Teacher Support Network," which allows teachers to search for other classes to do talkpoints with, has been added.
5 Oct 2004A new user tutorial has been added. Also, the Talkpoint response database is now accessible.
31 Mar 2004The first version of Talkpoint is released.
4 Mar 2004Emi Yamanaka presents Talkpoint to educators at an Association of Teachers of Japanese seminar in San Diego. (
10 May 2003 Emi Yamanaka presents the former version of Talkpoint at the Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Workshop.